Refined Everyday

All Art is Contemporary
Maurizio Nannucci

John 1st, Baron Byron
Kehinde Wiley
(Boston, MA)

The Slave Ship
(Slaves Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying)
Joseph Mallord William Turner
(Boston, MA)

The Goddess Juno
Artist Unknown
(Richmond, MA)

Venus de Milo
Alexandros of Antioch
(Boston, MA)

Dog at Rest
Gerrit Dou
(Boston, MA)

Eternal Springtime
August Rodin
(Boston University Campus)

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
(Boston Public Library)

Aurora Triumphing Over Night
Jean-Honore Freagenard
(Old South Church, Boston)

William Wetmore Story
(Trinity Church, Boston)

Rouen Cathedral Facade and Tour d’Albane (Morning Effect)
Claude Monet
(John Hancock Tower, Boston)

Little Fourteen Year-Old Dancer
Edgar Degas
(John Hancock Tower, Boston)

The Young Augustus
Horatio Greenough
(Allston, MA)

With You I Breathe
Tracey Emin
(Boston, MA)

Judith With the Head of Holofernes
Jan Massys
(Allston, MA)

Sleeping Faun
Harriet Goodhue Hosmer
(Allston, MA)

Isodor Kaufmann
(Boston, MA)

Lumieres (blue-square Sylvie)
Christian Boltanski
(Airplane view)

Alley in Allston
(personal photo)
(Allston, MA)

Peasant Boy at a Market and Peasant Girl Catching a Flea
Giovanni Battista Piazzetta
(Chinatown, Boston)

Automedone with the Horses of Achilles
Henri Regnault
(Austin, TX)

William Wetmore Story
(Belmont, MA)

Tongue Guilding
Lauren Kalman
(Allston, MA)

Water Lillies
Claude Monet
(Austin, TX)

Jeppe Hein
(Allston, MA)


Final photography project at Boston University. Objective: Create a photographic series.
Photographs edited using Adobe Photoshop.